Group Private Medical

Group Private Medical

This provides selected staff and sometimes their families with access to private medical treatment as an employee benefit and security to the business.

Often provided by employers as an employee benefit, group private medical / health insurance provides employees (and their families in some cases) with access to private consultations and treatment should they become unwell.

With increasing NHS waiting times and misdiagnosis a real concern for many, the purpose of Private Medical cover is to ensure your staff are seen, diagnosed and treated as quickly as possible by experts within the associated medical field.

From a business perspective this is a priority for key staff and directors who need to return to the business as quickly as possible to ensure its smooth running and profitability.

From a recruitment perspective this may be required to match or enhance an executives existing remuneration package.

Family members and partners can easily be added to most policies and it is common for this additional cost to be borne by the employee as a salary sacrifice.

Whether you operate a small office of key people or a national multi-site operation we can provide you with the support and advice to meet your business needs.

It is important that you choose a broker experienced in the field of life and health care so that you and your team are protected by a package tailored for you.

If you would like to review your existing protection or do not currently have cover in place, please contact us for more information.

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